Since there are no harnesses produced specifically for buggies, Rewerks custom-built wiring for the car. All factory colors were used and the dash panel was wired using quick disconnect connectors for easy removal.

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The owner requested a quick disconnect steering wheel with an operating horn.

Due to their sun-faded condition, some of the dash gages were refurbished or replaced.



The seats were modified to provide a tailor fit for the driver.

Rewerks rebuilt an 1835 cc engine that utilized a vintage set of dual kadrons.


Project completed
March 2006

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Restoration - 1970 Buggy
The owner purchsed this 1970 buggy after it had been parked for ten years. With the vision of a classic beach buggy in mind, the car's body and interior were restored before Rewerks completed the electrical and engine work.

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