Rough body work was completed and all chrome moldings and exterior accessories were removed.


Paint used was Glasurat Guards Red.
The car was lowered 6" in the front and 5" in the rear. Wheels used were stock Chromie with 135 tires in front and 165 in the rear.

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Camel velour headliner from TMI and a black canvas top were installed.
TMI door panels and seat covers were installed. To maintain the de-chromed exterior look, the dash was also de-chromed.


The engine was a heavily-detailed 40 hp Big Bore with a 009 distributor and a 12 volt generator.


The ragtop made the cover and was featured in the October 1993 VW Trends magazine.


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Restoration - 1962 Ragtop

When we found this car, it had been sitting ina barn for ten years (and one year in a field). After draining water out of the engine and replacing it with oil several times—and a new set of points—we were able to drive it the shop. Unfortunately, yellow jackets that were nesting in the heater channel didn't like the change in location, and it took a few days to get them out of the shop.
A true project car, work on this 1962 ragtop was started in 1988.

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