When it arrived at the shop, the Manx II wasn't much to look at.

The first order of business was to fill all the holes left by previous owners. Once the body was in primer, test fitting of body panels was next.

While the body was being painted by Hansen Hess using a custom mix of Spies Hecker paint, the roll cage and floor pan were constructed.


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Both floor pan halves were replaced and all electrical and hydraulic plumbing was completed at this time.

If you look closely you can see the front to rear wiring harness at the nose of the bulkhead.

Carpet had to be custom cut at Rewerks.


The wiring harness was installed in the bottom of the center console before the console was placed in the car.
Gage panel and stereo received more custom wiring.

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The gage panel and console were test-fitted and then covered in tan Oxen vinyl.


Seats were taken from a 1984 GTI. The headrests were removed and the seats were covered using TMI seat covers.

Seat heaters were installed at this time.


The Porsche Fuchs wheels were polished 16" x 7" in the front and 16" x 8" in the rear.


After the body was painted, it was time to sketch out the flames.

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A custom-made gas tank sits in a small trunk area behind the speaker box and is accessed through a covered lid.
Carpet was installed before the center console and seats were installed.


The engine was a custom-built 2 liter with dual Dellorto carburetors.
The cooling tin was covered by triple-stage powder coat.

After 4 months of intense work, the buggy was finished hours before the 2000 Portland Bug-In.


Since 2000, the vehicle has placed first in almost every show attended. In addition, it was featured in the March 2002 issue of Hot VWs magazine.

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Restoration - Meyers Manx II
For many years Mike Crist, owner of Rewerks, had plans for building a radical street Manx. Knowing that only a true Meyers Manx would be suitable for this project, Mike was able to find a Manx II for a decent price in 1998. The project sat undisturbed for a couple of years before planning started in March 2000 to make the 2000 July Portland Bug In.



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