The body was in overall good shape. All body parts that had small dents and dings were repaired except for one fender that was not savable. We replaced it with a good German fender.
After minor repairs to the body were completed, all parts were primed and painted with Spies Hecker paint (Mars Red).
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Detailed work to the trunk area included refurbishing the gas tank. Carpeting was added in the trunk to cover and protect wiring and the gas tank.

The dash was completely replaced. Glovebox and speaker grills were color-matched to the rest of the car. The steering wheel was restored to its original condition.

The interior included leather seats and matching vinyl door panels.

While wiring the car, we added a Pioneer stereo.

The exterior was reassembled using German or West Coast Metric seals and gaskets.
Old-school Enkie wheels were restored to original condition.

The new 55 hp factory-produced engine from Mexico received an alternator conversion, an electonic ignition, and a new carberator before installation.
The Auto Stick transaxle was in good working order, however, while it was out of the car, we resealed it and replaced the clutch assembly.

The top was supplied by a local Portland-area company, Spike's Auto Upholstery. Although the original top was black, the owner requested tan to match the new interior.

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Restoration - 1969 Convertible

The owner of this red 1969 convertible Beetle purchased it in Germany while he was stationed there in the US military. After years of driving the car, the owner passed it to his son who continued to drive it for several more years. When the car arrived at Rewerks, it had been parked for three years.
The owner requested a full restoration that included the body, interior, top, engine, transmission, and suspension.

Project completed
August 2002

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